This strategy is unlikely to work, Dual boot devices were never popular in the PC era, leave alone the era of mobile computing where simplicity counts. Smartphones are not so much popular because they ask for know how of geek-y stuff to Dual boot.

Instead, i would say Microsoft should leave the OS platform level to Google and compete on the services level. Microsoft has competing products to the services offered by Google, for Instance, Bing competes with Google Search, Hotmail/Outlook With Gmail, Skype with Hangouts, Bing Maps with Google Maps, Office 365 with Google Docs, Skydrive with Google Drive, Internet Explorer with Chrome. Microsoft could emulate the success of Google Play Services on android with its own competing service with its core services bundled replacing the core Google services. It will help eliminate the problem of app unavailability on Windows Phone and Microsoft will be better able to compete with Google for ad dollars.

Now it remains to be seen, If Microsoft will be able to make an OEM produce an android device with Microsoft Services replacing Google Services. That would be a really nice mobile transition for Microsoft going forward.

Facebook has launched a standard android home screen launcher with a few tweaks, ‘Cover Feed’ and ‘Chat Heads’ are the main focus as of now, Facebook may add other apps meshed up with this launcher in further updates which it says will update once every month. ‘Cover Feed’ is the News feed reimagined for mobile world and ‘Chat Heads’ brings a system wide messaging system to the device rather than confined inside an app. Initially the app launchef would be available for selected few devices running ICS or JB. The launcher will hit the play store on 12th of April.

Now, it is to be seen whether it will take off or die.

HTC is acting in the very same way, Nokia did in Feb 2010 when they bet the company’s future on WindowsPhone 7 mobile platform. The OS was very new, although critic reviews were nice, it was yet to gain a substantial market share and now everybody knows what happened to Nokia. HTC is also in a bad shape and instead of going through a transformative phase, they are going with the easy marketing dollars promised by Microsoft. Windows RT is in the very same shape Windows phone 7 was when Nokia bet its Smartphone future, HTC is falling into the very same footsteps. Windows RT has no app ecosystem, it isn’t Windows 8, it’s Office functionality is mediocre. Microsoft has its own hardware offering in the name of ‘Surface’ that has not got all the positive reviews that is a big competitors to all Windows RT tablets. HTC will bring the value of its brand further down with this dickish move, this product is a ‘Dead on Arrival’, but because i love HTC for their Sense (no pun intended) of design, Best of Luck.


Timing Is Everything


Steve Jobs, 2003:

“We didn’t think we’d do well in the cell phone business.”

Mark Zuckerberg, 2012:

It Wouldn’t Make Sense For Us To Make A Phone

Facebook entering into Smartphone business?

Google also denied that they would be entering into phone business in 2005 when they bought Android.

Bloomberg reported days ago that a FB phone is in works in collaboration with HTC, Let’s see for how long Mr. Zuckerberg denies, before announcing a FB phone!