Humanity is connected like never before. In fact, recent white papers have concluded that the proverbial “six degrees of separation” is now down to four because of social networking and mobile phones. It’s not hard to imagine that the true promise of a connected…

Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone launches Jelly. A social Q & A service on mobile. Google search, Facebook friends and Quora mashup on mobile.

Very soon we are going to see this prompt on Google+ also, Google+ currently shows this prompt only when you visit the profile page and the profile is incomplete. Every network on the web is hungry for the User demographics Data to sell the crap out of it to advertisers. Long live Targeted Advertising!

Google’s Competitor to Disqus, LiveFyre and Facebook comments is here, although initially available only for blogger blogs, expect it to roll out for other blogging platforms and publishers as well. This new commenting system does one thing very well, i.e., bringing social shares and comments on Google+ back to your blog commenting system.